Commit d59a9c3a authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Use non-const pointers instead of FakeReference for pointer types

parent 2be36bce
......@@ -2906,6 +2906,11 @@ class CFakeReferenceType(CReferenceType):
def declaration_code(self, entity_code,
for_display = 0, dll_linkage = None, pyrex = 0):
#print "CReferenceType.declaration_code: pointer to", self.base_type ###
if self.ref_base_type.is_ptr or self.ref_base_type.is_cyp_class:
base_type = self.ref_base_type
if self.ref_base_type.is_const:
base_type = base_type.cv_base_type
return base_type.declaration_code(entity_code, for_display, dll_linkage, pyrex)
return "__Pyx_FakeReference<%s> %s" % (self.ref_base_type.declaration_code(''), entity_code)
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