Commit 9bcc3826 authored by iv's avatar iv Committed by Tomáš Peterka

nayuos:, suggest privacy improvement

parent a85df676
......@@ -47,3 +47,4 @@ The script that download the sources and build is located in
* [ Running virtual machines on your chromebook ](
* to have a more common User Agent (the one of ChromiumOS/NayuOS is quite rare and identifies the user, see [studies of the EFF](, it seems possible to change the User-Agent flag for guest mode in the getOffTheRecord function, and adding a line (key "kUserAgent" , value "some common user agent" string). Then rebuild Chromium and [add it to NayuOS](
* remove need of root priviledge for entering the chroot, maybe by using fakeroot in 'scripts/'?
* change more options on Chromium OS "Privacy" part by default: there are [a few options]( which still use Google services
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