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    ZEO: Factor it to separate component · 83618cd6
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    We already patch ZEO4 with TCP_NODELAY patch (see 5cf4cf1f "ERP5:
    enable TCP_NODELAY for ZEO") and we will need to backport more patches
    to ZEO4 branch for wendelin.core 2 to work correctly.
    It's not only software/neoppod which uses ZEO, and it is not convenient for
    all other software-releases to inherit from neoppod to use correct
    version and build of ZEO egg. For this reason factor out details of ZEO
    egg building into component/ZEO and let users use ${ZEO:egg} where ZEO
    is needed. This way ZEO will be correctly installed for all users.
    This patch should be a non-functional change. We switch to
    nexedi/ZEO@5114f909 revision which corresponds to ZEO 4.3.1 +
    Adding other patches to ZEO4 needed by wendelin.core 2 will be done as a
    separate step.