Commit 3b0dc503 by Boxiang Sun

Basic test fixing

The python which slapos used to run runTestSuite and the python which
installed by SlapOS is not identical...
1 parent 8c09dbe0
import subprocess
import importlib
import json
import build_extension
def run(env, python_path):
# Build the extension when installing the Cython in slapos
#[python_path, '', 'build_ext', '--inplace'], env=env)
source = ''
source = subprocess.check_output([python_path + " -c 'import nogil_extension; a = nogil_extension.bag(); print(a)'"],
failure_count = 0
nogil_extension = importlib.import_module('nogil_extension')
except ImportError as e:
source = str(e)
failure_count = 1
source = nogil_extension.bag()
if source != '4.0\n42.0':
failure_count = 1
if source != b'4.0\n42.0\n':
failure_count = 1
result_dict = {'failed':failure_count, 'stdout':source}
result_dict = {'failed': failure_count, 'stdout': source}
return result_dict
# print(json.dumps(result_dict))
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