Commit 46e380c9 authored by Kazuhiko Shiozaki's avatar Kazuhiko Shiozaki Committed by Julien Muchembled

test: Support local version identifier.

parent 78bd8a83
......@@ -3298,7 +3298,7 @@ def buildout_txt_setup(test):
os.path.join(eggs, 'zc.recipe.egg'),
egg_parse = re.compile('([0-9a-zA-Z_.]+)-([0-9a-zA-Z_.]+)-py(\d[.]\d).egg$'
egg_parse = re.compile('([0-9a-zA-Z_.]+)-([0-9a-zA-Z_.+]+)-py(\d[.]\d).egg$'
def makeNewRelease(project, ws, dest, version='99.99'):
dist = ws.find(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse(project))
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