Commit b1a389e0 authored by Kazuhiko Shiozaki's avatar Kazuhiko Shiozaki

Add CHANGES.SlapOS.txt.

parent 5da23d7d
- Support ${:_profile_base_location_}.
- Support on the fly patches in easy_install.
- Merge PYTHONEXTRAPATH value into PYTHONPATH in easy_install so that we can
use some eggs that are required to build an egg.
- Support network cache in and
- Cache downloaded data in zc/buildout/ in memory
to accelerate remote extends.
- Give the same permission but write as owner to group and other.
- Make buildout.rmtree working with symlink as a path argument.
- Respect specified versions of initial eggs in bootstrap.
- Keep develop-eggs directory in bootstrap.
- Add referred parts' hash strings in __buildout_signature__, that invokes
rebuild of a part when one of its (recursive) dependencies are modified.
- Allow assigning non-string values to section keys. Restricted to selected
python base types.
- Write .installed.cfg only once, in safe way and only if there's any change.
- Put only one [buildout] section in .installed.cfg.
- Escape $$ character to $.
- Compare Options with sorted result, if possible.
- Add '--dry-run' option.
- Add '--skip-signature-check' option.
not applied (still required?)
- 83fc3a2 Always use build() in to install eggs.
(it's not required if the commit below is not applied, I guess)
- b7cd5ca Include '.postN' in generated egg's version so that version pinning with 'N.N.N.postN' works.
- 1761c65 Workaround M2Crypto bug of https redirection.
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