Commit 3e9c87c3 authored by Sebastien Robin's avatar Sebastien Robin

inventories: allow to pass more parameters to getNextAlertInventoryDate

parent 7c7b15d3
......@@ -2021,13 +2021,23 @@ class SimulationTool(BaseTool):
def getNextAlertInventoryDate(self, reference_quantity=0, src__=0,
simulation_period='Future', from_date=None,
range='min', **kw):
Give the next date where the quantity is lower than the
reference quantity.
reference quantity. This is calculated by first looking if inventory
right now is good or not. If not, then look at inventory list until
a movement makes the inventory like expected.
range - either 'min' (default) or 'nlt'. With 'nlt', returns
the next date where inventory is above reference_quantity
initial_inventory_kw - additional parameters for the initial inventory
inventory_list_kw - additional parameters for looking at next movements
(exemple: use omit_output)
result = None
# First look at current inventory, we might have already an inventory
......@@ -2043,18 +2053,26 @@ class SimulationTool(BaseTool):
checkQuantity = getCheckQuantityMethod()
if from_date is None:
from_date = DateTime()
def getAugmentedInventoryKeyword(additional_kw):
inventory_kw = kw
if additional_kw:
inventory_kw = kw.copy()
return inventory_kw
inventory_method = getattr(self, "get%sInventory" % simulation_period)
current_inventory = inventory_method(at_date=from_date, **kw)
if checkQuantity(current_inventory):
initial_inventory = inventory_method(at_date=from_date,
if checkQuantity(initial_inventory):
result = from_date
inventory_list_method = getattr(self,
"get%sInventoryList" % simulation_period)
inventory_list = inventory_list_method(src__=src__, from_date=from_date,
sort_on = (('date', 'ascending'),), group_by_movement=1, **kw)
sort_on = (('date', 'ascending'),), group_by_movement=1,
if src__ :
return inventory_list
total_inventory = 0.
total_inventory = initial_inventory
for inventory in inventory_list:
if inventory['inventory'] is not None:
total_inventory += inventory['inventory']
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