Commit 022cf996 authored by Boris Kocherov's avatar Boris Kocherov

tests: max/minLength add in todo list

parent cd0da176
......@@ -148,8 +148,6 @@
todo_tests = [
// XXX need use many many rules for merging
// XXX merge patternProperties with properties having name pattern match.
// XXX base URI change based on $id property not realised
todo_tests.push("base URI change: base URI change ref valid");
......@@ -157,6 +155,11 @@
todo_tests.push("base URI change - change folder in subschema:" +
" number is valid");
todo_tests.push("maxLength validation: two supplementary Unicode " +
"code points is long enough");
todo_tests.push("minLength validation: one supplementary Unicode " +
"code point is not long enough");
function create_callback(schema, schema_url, value, valid) {
return function (assert) {
var done = assert.async(),
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