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      Automatic ERP5 Site creation · 6bb4c56e
      Julien Muchembled authored
      If the following configuration section is present:
      <product-config initsite>
        owner <user-id>
        id <site-id>
        <key> <value>
      the ERP5 product automatically creates a site at startup if there's none.
      This is done by "extending" AppInitializer (OFS.Application).
      <key> is any string parameter accepted by manage_addERP5Site, including new
      ones to configure Cloudooo and install bt5. Cloudooo is often required by the
      configurator: apart from that, it does not deserve a field on the addERP5Site
      This deprecates erp5_promise, at least in its current form, for several reasons:
      - Since 7fe14b20, alarms aren't run often
      - For the configuration of external services like memcached, using an alarm or
        anything not instantaneous to update them is wrong because it poses a risk to
        connect to wrong instances. erp5_promise does not handle the catalog because
        it could not and we have another mechanism for that (userhosts), so let's
        handle other services like the catalog.
      - The list of bt5 to have installed is only useful at site creation:
        - either (usually) to install configurators, which in turn decide of the list
          to have installed,
        - or a value provided the user, but SlapOS parameters aren't a place to
          duplicate the ERP5 UI.
      - With previous commit, the list of bt5 repositories does not depend anymore
        on the location of the software built by SlapOS, and we also don't want to
        duplicate the UI, so the only case where it would remain useful is when the
        list is changed by the software itself, which almost never happens.
        We'll reimplement the promise as a constraint when necessary.
      We end up with the minimum functionality to install a configurator
      automatically, and the user does not have to wait anymore for an alarm to be
      The default site preference in erp5_core does not come anymore with a default
      value that was specific to SlapOS. It was not enough for our needs and such
      setting should anyway go in a system preference.
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      Revert! erp5_officejs_support_request_ui: fix ckeditor gadget url. · 3b515922
      Boxiang Sun authored
      Commit 929ac90a and 0de0acb3 use the text editor from `app.officejs.com`. Which is not same domain as the main application. When Selenium tests run with Firefox. If Firefox visit a page which contains an iframe from another domain, it is unable to redirect to another link and complaints `Permission denied to access property "href"`. In order to make the test get pass on the server with FIrefox. Revert the changes the that two commits which described above.
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      Revert "erp5_officejs_support_request_ui_test: Add test for RSS functionality." · fdf47311
      Tristan Cavelier authored
      This reverts commit 6e58cc8f.
      This was freezing some processes on test nodes. I revert during
      bug investigation.
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      Fix fails to _setEncodedPassword if password is a string · 978ecece
      Tristan Cavelier authored
      In some cases, a Person.password could be a string instead of
      None or PersistentMapping. If string, the code was raising
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      ZSQLCatalog: Trivial simplification · 6ac0882f
      Vincent Pelletier authored
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      Revert "fixup erp5 configurator" · f4e1790c
      Vincent Bechu authored
      This reverts commit 9befc11a
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      fixup erp5 configurator · 9befc11a
      Vincent Bechu authored
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