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    Rewrite of re6st-node packaging · f9b61bf9
    Julien Muchembled authored
    - With a Makefile instead of a shell script to make build files,
      it's easier to only redo the necessary parts.
    - Do not bootstrap buildout in advance. This caused build failures on old
      dists when this was done with Python 2.7 (parts/buildout/site.py imported
      a module that does not exist on Python 2.6). Now everything can be prepared
      on a recent dist.
    - Minimize list of build-deps. We don't need setuptools anymore.
      We also don't rely on system chrpath anymore because SLE_12 does not have it.
    - Refactoring with upstream packaging.
    - Debian: fix upgrade path from 're6stnet' package.
    - Package re6st manpages and logrotate configuration.
    - systemd integration on RPM-based dists.
    - Fix shebang of OpenVPN/NetworkManager hooks.
    - Do never ship *.py[co] files in packages. Remove them on uninstallation
      (not done yet for Arch).
    - chrpath: Suse dists use RUNPATH instead of PATH
    - Stop stripping ELF files.
    - Greatly reduce size of packages by removing eggs/parts that were only useful
      during the build, like Perl.
    TODO: integrate with osc working copy ?
    For the record, here is an example to strip ELF files:
    	cd $(DESTDIR)/$(TARGET) \
    	&& s() { chmod u+w $$x && strip -v -R .comment -R .note "$$@" $$x; } \
    	&& x=`find -type f -executable ! -name '*.so*' |xargs -r file | \
    		sed -n 's/:.*ELF.*\(executable\|shared\).*//p'` && s \
    	&& x=`find -type f -name '*.so*' |xargs -r file | \
    		sed -n 's/:.*ELF.*shared.*//p'` && s --strip-unneeded
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