1. 24 May, 2019 1 commit
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  3. 09 May, 2019 3 commits
  4. 30 Apr, 2019 3 commits
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      importer: fix writeback of transactions during which readCurrent() was used · 042f5ac0
      Julien Muchembled authored
      Contrary to FileStorage, NEO remembers uses of readCurrent().
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    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      master: fix crash in STARTING_BACKUP when connecting to an upstream secondary master · dba07e72
      Julien Muchembled authored
      This fixes the following assertion:
        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "neo/master/app.py", line 172, in run
          File "neo/master/app.py", line 182, in _run
          File "neo/master/app.py", line 302, in playPrimaryRole
          File "neo/master/backup_app.py", line 114, in provideService
            node, conn = bootstrap.getPrimaryConnection()
          File "neo/lib/bootstrap.py", line 74, in getPrimaryConnection
          File "neo/lib/event.py", line 160, in poll
          File "neo/lib/connection.py", line 504, in process
            self._handlers.handle(self, self._queue.pop(0))
          File "neo/lib/connection.py", line 92, in handle
            self._handle(connection, packet)
          File "neo/lib/connection.py", line 107, in _handle
            pending[0][1].packetReceived(connection, packet)
          File "neo/lib/handler.py", line 125, in packetReceived
          File "neo/lib/handler.py", line 75, in dispatch
            method(conn, *args, **kw)
          File "neo/lib/handler.py", line 159, in notPrimaryMaster
            assert primary != self.app.server
        AttributeError: 'BackupApplication' object has no attribute 'server'
  5. 28 Apr, 2019 3 commits
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      qa: add testrunner options to dump/check the format of network packets · e3cd5c5b
      Julien Muchembled authored
      With the switch to msgpack, there was no schema anymore whereas it was
      sometimes used for both automatic conversion (e.g. the last argument of
      AskStoreTransaction must now be explicitly cast to list) and type checking.
      This somewhat reintroduces a kind of schema that:
      - is used by the test suite for type checking
      - can be generated automatically from the test suite
        when one change the procotol
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      protocol: switch to msgpack for packet serialization · 9d0bf97a
      Julien Muchembled authored
      Not only for performance reasons (at least 3% faster) but also because of
      several ugly things in the way packets were defined:
      - packet field names, which are only documentary; for roots fields,
        they even just duplicate the packet names
      - a lot of repetitions for packet names, and even confusion between the name
        of the packet definition and the name of the actual notify/request packet
      - the need to implement field types for anything, like PByte to support new
        compression formats, since PBoolean is not enough
      neo/lib/protocol.py is now much smaller.
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      Release version 1.12 · 6332112c
      Julien Muchembled authored
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  12. 16 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Julien Muchembled's avatar
      importer: fix possible data loss on writeback · e387ad59
      Julien Muchembled authored
      If the source DB is lost during the import and then restored from a backup,
      all new transactions have to written back again on resume. It is the most
      common case for which the writeback hits the maximum number of transactions
      per partition to process at each iteration; the previous code was buggy in
      that it could skip transactions.
  13. 11 Mar, 2019 1 commit