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Release version 1.8

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Change History
1.8 (2017-07-04)
This release mainly stabilizes NEO when it is used with several storage nodes,
fixing many race conditions involving events like transactional operations
(read/write, conflict resolution...), replication, partition table tweaking,
and all kinds of failures (node crashes, network cuts...). This includes a
rework of conflict resolution, to implement the long-awaited deadlock avoidance
(it was a limitation caused by object-level locking).
Similarly, having spare master nodes is not an experimental feature anymore:
the `election` (of the primary master) has been reimplemented, and it now
happens during the RECOVERING phase. This comes with a change about node
states: BROKEN/HIDDEN/UNKNOWN are removed, DOWN is renamed into UNKNOWN,
And still for more resiliency, the new algorithm to tweak the partition table
is better at minimizing the amount of replication, and it does not discard
readable cells too quickly anymore: a partition can now have multiple FEEDING
cells, to avoid going below the wanted level of replication.
Other changes:
- General:
- Packet timeouts have been removed.
TCP keepalives are used instead of applicative pings.
- Connection handshake between nodes is reviewed to make sure that they
speak the same protocol before doing anything else, and report clearer
error messages otherwise. A dangerous bug was that there was no protocol
version check between neoctl and the admin node.
- Proper handling of incoming packets for closed/aborted connections.
- An exception while processing an answer could leave the handler switcher
in the bad state.
- In STOPPING cluster state, really wait for all transaction to be finished.
- Several issues when undoing transactions with conflict resolutions
have been fixed.
- Delayed connection acceptation when the storage node is ready.
- Client:
- Added support for `zodburi`_.
- Fix load error during conflict resolution in case of late invalidation.
- Do not wait tpc_vote to start resolving conflicts.
- Fix harmless 'unexpected ... AnswerRequestIdentification' exceptions.
- Storage:
- New --disable-drop-partitions option, which is useful for big databases
because the current code to delete data of discarded cells is inefficient
(this option should disappear in the future).
- Prevent 2 nodes from working with the same database.
- Discard answers from aborted replications.
In some cases, this led to data corruption or crashes.
- MySQL backend:
- Added support for RocksDB.
- Do not flood logs when retrying to connect non-stop.
- Do not retry a failing query forever.
- By default, do not retry to connect to the server automatically.
- Tools:
- neolog: new --decompress option.
- neolog: new option to hide the node column.
- neoctl: make the identification of the primary master easier with
'print node'.
- A lot of improvements for developers and debugging.
.. _zodburi:
1.7.1 (2017-01-18)
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ else:
name = 'neoppod',
version = '1.7.1',
version = '1.8',
description = __doc__.strip(),
author = 'Nexedi SA',
author_email = '',
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