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NEO 1.2

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Change History
1.2 (2014-07-30)
The most important changes in this version are the work about conversion of
databases from/to NEO:
- A new 'Importer' storage backend has been implemented and this is now the
recommended way to migrate existing Zope databases. See 'importer.conf'
example file for more information.
- 'neomigrate' command refused to run since version 1.0
- Exported data serials by NEO iterator were wrong. There are still differences
with FileStorage:
- NEO always resolves to original serial, to avoid any indirection
(which slightly speeds up undo at the expense of a more complex pack code)
- NEO does not make any difference between object deletion and creation undone
(data serial always null in storage)
Apart from that, conversion of database back from NEO should be fixed.
Other changes are:
- A warning was added in 'neo.conf' about a possible misuse of replicas.
- Compatibility with Python 2.6 has been dropped.
- Support for recent version of SQlite has been added.
- A memory leak has been fixed in replication.
- MySQL backend now fails instead of silently reconnecting if there is any
pending change, which could cause data loss.
- Optimization and minor bugfixes.
1.1 (2014-01-07)
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ extras_require['tests'] = ['zope.testing', 'psutil>=2',
name = 'neoppod',
version = '1.1',
version = '1.2',
description = __doc__.strip(),
author = 'NEOPPOD',
author_email = '',
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