Commit bca99c55 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

ssl: Don't ignore non-ragged EOF

Testing NEO/go client wrt NEO/py server revealed a bug in NEO/py SSL
handling: proper non-ragged EOF from a peer is ignored, and so leads to
hang in infinite loop inside _SSL.receive with read_buf memory growing
indefinitely. Details are below:

NEO/py wraps raw sockets with


which instructs SSL layer to convert unexpected EOF when receiving a TLS
record into SSLEOFError exception. However when remote peer properly
closes its side of the connection, still returns b'' to
report non-ragged regular EOF:

The code was handling SSLEOFError but not b'' return from socket recv.
Thus after NEO/go client was disconnecting and properly closing its side
of the connection, the code started to loop indefinitely in _SSL.receive
under `while 1` with  b'' returned by self.socket.recv() appended to
read_buf again and again.

-> Fix it by detecting non-ragged EOF as well and, similarly to how
SSLEOFError is handled, converting them into self._error('recv', None).
parent f2ea4be2
......@@ -278,7 +278,12 @@ class _SSL:
def receive(self, read_buf):
while 1:
data = self.socket.recv(4096)
if data == b'':
# non-ragged EOF (peer properly closed its side of connection)
self._error('recv', None)
except ssl.SSLWantReadError:
except socket.error, e:
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