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NEO 1.3

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Change History
1.3 (2015-01-13)
- Version 1.2 added a new 'Importer' storage backend but it had 2 bugs.
- An interrupted migration could not be resumed.
- Merging several ZODB only worked if NEO could import all classes used by
the application. This has been fixed by repickling without loading any
- Logging has been improved for a better integration with the environment:
- RTMIN+1 signal was changed to reopen logs. RTMIN+1 & RTMIN+2 signals, which
were previously used for debugging, have been remapped to RTMIN+2 & RTMIN+3
- In Zope, client registers automatically for log rotation (USR2).
- NEO logs are SQLite DB that are not open anymore with a persistent journal,
because this is incompatible with the rename+reopen way to rotate logs,
and we want to support logrotate.
- 'neolog' can now open gzip/bz2 compressed logs transparently.
- 'neolog' does not spam the console anymore when piped to a process that
exits prematurely.
- MySQL backend has been updated to work with recent MariaDB (>=10).
- 2 'neomaster' command-line options were added to set upstream cluster/masters.
1.2 (2014-07-30)
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ else:
name = 'neoppod',
version = '1.2',
version = '1.3',
description = __doc__.strip(),
author = 'NEOPPOD',
author_email = '',
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