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    X zwrk: New tool to simulate paralell load from multiple clients · 7f22bba6
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Similarly to wrk on HTTP.
    Rationale: simulating multiple clients is:
    1. noisy - the timings from run to run are changing sometimes up to 50%
    2. with significant additional overhead - there are constant OS-level
       process switches in between client processes and this prevents to
       actually create the load.
    3. the above load from "2" actually takes resources from the server in
       localhost case.
    So let's switch to simlating many requests in lightweight way similarly
    to how it is done in wrk - in one process and not so many threads (it
    can be just 1) with many connections opened to server and epolly way to
    load it with Go providing epoll-goroutine matching.
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