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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into t · 03077c10
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    * origin/master: (23 commits)
      mysql: more index hints
      Release version 1.8
      README: update URLs
      README: update wrt added support for RocksDB and recent ZODB
      storage: update DatabaseManager.getLastTID docstring
      neolog: new --decompress option
      doc: update TODO about missing invalidations in read-only mode
      mysql: remove obsolete comment about broken PARTITIONing support
      qa: make ClusterPdb compatible with the simple pdb of neo.tests
      client: fix NameError when a secondary master reports that it's not the primary
      storage: new --disable-drop-partitions option
      qa: add testDropPartitions
      Better use of __import__
      qa: update list of excluded tests in testSSL
      master: improve algorithm to tweak the partition table
      storage: ignore unassigned partitions when looking for last oids/tids
      neolog: new option to hide the node column
      Remove packet timeouts
      Use TCP keepalives instead of applicative pings
      Remove unused 'on_timeout' feature on connections
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