Commit 24780e8e authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

BUGS: possible "uuid" conflict issue after clients got disconnected from the master

parent eee74faf
......@@ -16,6 +16,27 @@ Although this should happen rarely enough not to affect performance, this can
be an issue if your application can't afford restarting the transaction,
e.g. because it interacted with external environment.
(Z) Storage nodes rejecting clients after other clients got disconnected from the master
Client nodes ignore the state of the connection to the master node when reading
data from storage, as long as their partition tables are recent enough. This
way, they are able to finish read-only transactions even if they can't reach
the master, which may be useful for high availability. The downside is that the
master node ignores their node ids are still used, which causes "uuid"
conflicts when reallocating them.
Since an unused NEO Storage should not insist in staying connected to master
node, solutions are:
- change the way node ids are generated (either random or always increasing),
- or make storage nodes reject clients that aren't known by the master, but
this drops the ability to perform read-only operations as described above
(a client that is not connected to the master would be forced to reconnect
before any query to the storage).
Workaround: restart clients that aren't connected to the master
(N) Storage failure or update may lead to POSException or break undoLog()
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