Commit 105ab1c7 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

Drop support for ZODB < 3.10

ZODB 3.10.4 was released almost 4 years ago, and contains significant
change how ghost objects coming from DB are initially setup.
parent 92bfd03e
......@@ -164,45 +164,17 @@ class _ZBigFile(BigFile):
# Persistent that never goes to ghost state, if it was ever uptodate.
# XXX move to common place?
class LivePersistent(Persistent):
# NOTE in ZODB < 3.10 (exactly before commit a9cda7fb) objects coming from
# db are first created in seemingly uptodate state and then deactivated
# just to register them by the way to persistent machinery.
# In ZODB >= 3.10 such registration happens explicitly and no such first
# deactivation is done.
if not hasattr(PickleCache, 'new_ghost'):
_v_registered = False # were we registered to Persistent machinery?
_v_registered = True
# don't allow us to go to ghost
# NOTE we can't use STICKY as that state is assumed as
# short-lived-temporary by ZODB and is changed back to UPTODATE by
# persistent code. In fact ZODB says: STICKY is UPTODATE+keep in memory.
def _p_deactivate(self):
# on ZODB < 3.10 need to call Persistent._p_deactivate() the first time
# - it registers the object with its own machinery on first ghostify
# (which happens right before-on object load from DB) see comments in
# Per__p_deactivate() in persistent.
if not self._v_registered:
# 1) prevents calling Persistent._p_deactivate() next time, and
# 2) causes Persistent to change state to UPTODATE
self._v_registered = True
# just returning here won't allow Persistent._p_deactivate() run and
# thus we'll stay in non-ghost state.
# when creating initially (contrast to loading from DB), no need to go to
# Persistent._p_deactivate() even for the first time
def __init__(self):
self._v_registered = True
# NOTE Can't inherit from Persistent and BigFile at the same time - both are C
# types and their layout conflict. Persistent must be here for object to be
......@@ -95,11 +95,11 @@ def test_livepersistent():
root = dbopen()
db = root._p_jar.db()
# known to connection & cache & UPTODATE (ZODB < 3.10) or GHOST (ZODB >= 3.10)
# known to connection & cache & GHOST
# right after first loading from DB
lp = root['live']
assert lp._p_jar is not None
assert lp._p_state in (UPTODATE, GHOST)
assert lp._p_state is GHOST
ci = cacheInfo(db)
assert ci[kkey(LivePersistent)] == 1
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ setup(
# ( NOTE: ZODB3 3.11 just pulls in latest ZODB _4_, so this way
# specifying ZODB _3_ we allow external requirements to
# specify either to use e.g. ZODB3.10 or ZODB4 )
'ZODB3 >= 3.10',
'six', # compat py2/py3
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