Commit 6fdde936 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

setup: file_finders entry-point group registration is not a workaround

As discussion in
unveiled, setuptools do not have to carry setuptools.file_finders
entrypoint with it in order to support _other_ projects to use
.file_finders entry point.

In our case it means that is is normal that we have to make sure that
the group we are going to register entry-point into, exists.

Remove erroneous comments introduced in 11d130d1 (setup: Ensure
setuptools.file_finders entry-point group is registered).
parent 25dbf467
......@@ -146,13 +146,6 @@ def register_as_entrypoint(func, entryname, groupname, distname):
from pkg_resources import working_set, EntryPoint
dist = working_set.by_key[distname]
# workaround for setuptools 9.0 dropping `setuptools.file_finders` entrypoint
# group registration:
# issue reported back:
# register group if it is not yet registered
# else dist.get_entry_map(groupname) returns just {} not connected to entry map
entry_map = dist.get_entry_map()
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