Commit 7af2b2d7 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

Tox setup to test things with py27 & py34 and several versions of ZODB

parent 1ee72371
# wendelin.core | tox setup
envlist = py27-{ZODB3,ZODB4}, py34-ZODB4
# (NOTE ZODB3 does not work on python3)
deps =
# why tox does not get it from extras_require['test'] ?
# latest ZODB from 3 series
ZODB3: ZODB3 >=3.10, <3.11dev
# latest current ZODB _4_
ZODB4: ZODB3 >=3.11
commands= {envpython} test
# XXX setenv = TMPDIR = ... ? (so that /tmp is not on tmpfs and we don't run out of memory on bench)
# + {envpython} bench (?)
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