Commit 929922fa authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

bigarray/tests: Factor-out generic BigFile connected to numpy array

test_bigarray_indexing_Nd() contains useful class to have a BigFile
connected to ndarray storage. Factor it out so that all tests could use

BigFile_Data.storeblk() is newly introduced and is currently unused, but
will be convenient to have later.
parent d6dc1ca2
......@@ -36,6 +36,22 @@ class BigFile_Zero(BigFile):
# Synthetic bigfile that loads/stores data from/to numpy array
class BigFile_Data(BigFile):
def __new__(cls, data, blksize):
obj = BigFile.__new__(cls, blksize)
obj.datab = data.view(uint8)
return obj
def loadblk(self, blk, buf):
x = self.datab[self.blksize * blk : self.blksize * (blk+1)]
memcpy(buf, x)
def storeblk(self, blk, buf):
memcpy(self.datab[self.blksize * blk : self.blksize * (blk+1)], buf)
PS = 2*1024*1024 # FIXME hardcoded, TODO -> ram.pagesize
......@@ -254,17 +270,12 @@ def test_bigarray_indexing_Nd():
# (else data slice will be smaller than buf)
data = arange(multiply.reduce(shape) + PS, dtype=uint32)
# synthetic bigfile that loads data from `data`
class BigFile_Data(BigFile):
def loadblk(self, blk, buf):
datab = data.view(uint8)
x = datab[self.blksize * blk : self.blksize * (blk+1)]
memcpy(buf, x)
# synthetic bigfile that only loads data from numpy array
class BigFile_Data_RO(BigFile_Data):
def storeblk(self, blk, buf):
raise RuntimeError('tests should not try to change test data')
f = BigFile_Data(PS)
f = BigFile_Data_RO(data, PS)
fh = f.fileh_open()
A = BigArray(shape, uint32, fh) # bigarray with test data and shape
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