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    tests: Allow to test with ZEO & NEO ZODB storages · 7fc4ec66
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    Previously we were always testing with DBs backed up by FileStorage. Now
    we provide a way to run the testsuite with user selected storage
        $ WENDELIN_CORE_TEST_DB="<fs>"   make test.py     # test with temporary db with FileStorage
        $ WENDELIN_CORE_TEST_DB="<zeo>"  make test.py     # ----------//---------- with ZEO
        $ WENDELIN_CORE_TEST_DB="<neo>"  make test.py     # ----------//---------- with NEO
        $ WENDELIN_CORE_TEST_DB=neo://db@master  make test.py     # test with externally provided DB
    Default is still to run tests with FileStorage.
    /cc @jm
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