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    BigArray: An ndarray-like on top of BigFile memory mappings · 0c826d5c
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    I.e. something like numpy.memmap for numpy.ndarray and OS files. The whole
    bigarray cannot be used as a drop-in replacement for numpy arrays, but BigArray
    _slices_ are real ndarrays and can be used everywhere ndarray can be used,
    including in C/Fortran code. Slice size is limited by mapping-size (=
    address-space size) limit, i.e. to ~ max 127TB on Linux/amd64.
    Changes to bigarray memory are changes to bigfile memory mapping and as such
    can be discarded or saved back to bigfile using mapping (= BigFileH) dirty
    discard/writeout interface.
    For the same reason the whole amount of changes to memory is limited by amount
    of physical RAM.
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