Commit a26d9659 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

X lib/zodb: Connection += onShutdownCallback

In the next patch we'll need this functionality to subscribe ZSync into
db.close to know when ZODB Connection is shut down even if it stays
alive referenced by some other objects.
parent 8dcaa5de
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ from BTrees.IOBTree import IOBTree
import transaction
from transaction import TransactionManager
from golang import defer, func
import weakref, gc
from pytest import raises
import pytest; xfail = pytest.mark.xfail
......@@ -354,6 +355,41 @@ def test_zodb_onresync():
# verify that ZODB.Connection.onShutdownCallback works
def test_zodb_onshutdown():
stor = testdb.getZODBStorage()
db = DB(stor)
class T:
def __init__(t):
t.nshutdown = 0
def on_connection_shutdown(t):
t.nshutdown += 1
t1 = T()
t2 = T()
t3 = T()
# conn1 stays alive outside of db.pool
conn1 =
# conn2 stays alive inside db.pool
conn2 =
assert t1.nshutdown == 0
assert t2.nshutdown == 0
# db.close triggers conn1 and conn2 shutdown
assert t1.nshutdown == 1
assert t2.nshutdown == 1
# test that zurl does not change from one open to another storage open.
def test_zurlstable():
if not isinstance(testdb, (testing.TestDB_FileStorage, testing.TestDB_ZEO, testing.TestDB_NEO)):
......@@ -296,6 +296,30 @@ else:
raise AssertionError("ZODB3 is not supported anymore")
# patch for ZODB.Connection to support callback on after database is closed
ZODB.Connection.Connection._onShutdownCallbacks = None
def Connection_onShutdownCallback(self, f):
if self._onShutdownCallbacks is None:
# NOTE WeakSet does not work for bound methods - they are always created
# anew for each obj.method access, and thus will go away almost immediately
self._onShutdownCallbacks = WeakSet()
assert not hasattr(ZODB.Connection.Connection, 'onShutdownCallback')
ZODB.Connection.Connection.onShutdownCallback = Connection_onShutdownCallback
_orig_DB_close = ZODB.DB.close
def _ZDB_close(self):
# the same code for ZODB3/4/5
def _(conn):
if conn._onShutdownCallbacks:
for f in conn._onShutdownCallbacks:
ZODB.DB.close = _ZDB_close
# zstor_2zurl converts a ZODB storage to URL to access it.
def zstor_2zurl(zstor):
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