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Please see `demo/`__ for a complete example.
Additional Info
__ demo/
Current state and Roadmap
Wendelin.core works in real life for workloads Nexedi_ is using in production,
including 24/7 projects. We are, however, aware of the following
limitations and things that need to be improved:
- wendelin.core is currently not very fast
- there are big - proportional to input in size - temporary array allocations
in third-party libraries (NumPy_, `scikit-learn`_, ...) which might practically
prevent processing out-of-core arrays depending on the functionality used.
- we are currently working on improved wendelin.core design and implementation,
which will use kernel virtual memory manager (instead of one implemented__ in__
userspace__) with arrays backend presented to kernel via FUSE as virtual
filesystem implemented in Go.
In parallel we will also:
- try wendelin.core 1.0 on large data sets
- identify and incrementally fix big-temporaries allocation issues in NumPy and
We are open to community help with the above.
Additional materials
- Wendelin.core tutorial__
- Slides__ (pdf__) from presentation about wendelin.core in PyData Paris 2015
Please see `wiki`__ for more info: current state, roadmap, additional materials, ...
.. _NumPy:
.. _scikit-learn:
.. _numpy.memmap:
.. _NEO:
.. _ZEO:
__ demo/
.. _Nexedi:
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