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    bigfile/virtmem: When restoring SIGSEGV, don't change procmask for other signals · d7c33cd7
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    We factored out SIGSEGV block/restore from fileh_dirty_writeout() to all
    functions in cb7a7055 (bigfile/virtmem: Block/restore SIGSEGV in
    non-pagefault-handling function). The restoration however just sets
    whole thread sigmask.
    It could be possible that between block/restore calls procmask for other
    signals could be changed, and this way - setting procmask directly - we
    will overwrite them.
    So be careful, and when restoring SIGSEGV mask, touch mask bit for only
    that signal.
    ( we need xsigismember helper to get this done, which is also introduced
      in this patch )
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