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    Merge branch 'y/restore' into x/catobj · b9070f8f
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    * y/restore: (56 commits)
      zodbrestore - Tool to restore content of a ZODB database from zodbdump output
      zodbcommit: Prepare to compute current serial of an oid lazily
      zodbcommit: Don't forget to call tpc_abort on an error
      Drop support for ZODB3
      tox: Don't run tests agains ZODB+PR183 anymore
      Add way to run tests via nxdtest
      tidrange: test: Fix for py3
      *: dict.keys() returns sequence, not [] on py3
      *: Pass bytes literal into BytesIO
      zodbdump: Use bytes to emit its output
      *: Zodbdump format is semi text-binary: Mark it as such + handle zdump output as binary
      *: Don't use %r to print/report lines/bytes to outside
      zodbinfo: Provide "head" as command to query DB head; Turn "last_tid" into deprecated alias for head
      test/gen_testdata: Fix for ZODB5 > 5.5.1 + preserve database compatibility with ZODB3/py2
      tox: Don't duplicate setup.py on which for-tests dependencies we need
      zodbdump: Default out to stdout in binary mode
      *: s.decode('hex') -> fromhex(s)
      utils: Initialize hashers with bytes
      *: Pass bytes - not unicode - literals to sha1()
      util: Fix ashex for Python3
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