Commit 92684364 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Base_getUpgradeBusinessTemplateList: Include core business templates.

Both so that changes to the list of core business templates are applied on
upgrade, and to avoid uninstalling core business templates, if no other
maintained-up-to-date business templates depend on them.
Also, improve the documentation of the erp5_upgrader version of this
parent abb6a210
......@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ keep_bt5_id_list = []
bt5_update_catalog_list = ('erp5_ingestion_mysql_innodb_catalog', 'erp5_full_text_mroonga_catalog')
bt5_installation_list = bt5_update_catalog_list + (
bt5_installation_list = tuple(
) + bt5_update_catalog_list + (
This script should returns always two list of Business Template.
- The first list is to resolve dependencies and upgrade.
- The second list is what you want to keep. This is useful if we want to keep
a old business template without updating it and without removing it
This script may be overridden.
It is expected to return two lists of Business Templates:
- The first is a tuple containing names of Business Templates to install and
keep up-to-date. Their dependencies are also installed and kept up-to-date.
- The second is a list containing names of Business Templates which should be
kept if already installed, ignored if missing, and not be upgraded nor
return ('erp5_base',), ["erp5_upgrader"]
return (
tuple(context.getPortalObject().getCoreBusinessTemplateList() + ['erp5_base']),
return ('erp5_web',), ["erp5_upgrader", "erp5_upgrader_test"]
return (
tuple(context.getPortalObject().getCoreBusinessTemplateList() + ['erp5_web']),
["erp5_upgrader", "erp5_upgrader_test"],
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