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    zstor_2zurl: Fix ipv6 host for NEO/ZEO + test fix · 20498b2f
    Levin Zimmermann authored
    This patch allows using WCFS with a NEO or ZEO storage which is
    reachable by a URL which contains an ipv6 host.
    Without this patch the following example doesn't work:
    >>> from wendelin.lib.zodb import dbopen
    >>> root = dbopen("neo://cluster-name@[::1]:2051")
    >>> # "abc" points to a ZBigArray
    >>> root["abc"][0]
    It doesn't work because the parser missed adding square brackets around
    ipv6 hosts, due to which unparsing the resulting URL resulted in a wrong
    interpretation where a port starts.
    This patch furthermore amends 'test_zstor_2zurl' to test ZEO and NEO
    storages with ipv6 hosts.
    /reviewed-by @kirr
    /reviewed-on nexedi/wendelin.core!13