Commit 6e9114d0 authored by Lu Xu's avatar Lu Xu 👀

playbook: add conditional prompt for installing vifib

parent f6d2ec54
......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@ re6st_registry_url:
re6st_fingerprint: sha256:73e364f2b7ab19335932dfc6514eab518b06a6b5d9b48dea5bcd61cf874becfc
interface_name: lo
partition_number: 10
re6st_annon: True
re6sttoken: noname
......@@ -16,10 +16,20 @@
private: no
default: "noname"
- name: "slapostoken"
prompt: "If you have slapos token if you have (ignore if you already have a configured slapos):"
private: no
default: "notoken"
- pause:
prompt: "Input your slapos token (ignore if you already have a configured slapos) [notoken]"
when: computer_name != "noname"
register: prompt
- set_fact:
slapostoken: "{{ prompt.user_input | default('notoken', true) }}"
- pause:
prompt: "Which interface will provide IPv6? (ignore if you already have a configured re6st) [lo]"
when: slapostoken != "notoken"
register: prompt
- set_fact:
interface_name: "{{ prompt.user_input | default('lo', true) }}"
- { role: re6stnet-install, package_state: present }
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