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babeld-1.9.0 (unreleased)
* Reworked buffering of unicast packets to use a per-neighbour buffer
rather than a single buffer per interface. This makes unicast as
efficient as multicast, at the cost of slightly higher memory usage.
* Added option "unicast" that allows sending most TLVs over unicast.
This is necessary for the DTLS extension.
* Reworked the xroute data structures to use binary search and
linear-time comparison.
* Don't attempt to modify the rp_filter sysctl if it already has the
desired value; this makes it possible to run babeld in an
unpriviledged container. Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Reinstated logging of late hellos. Thanks to Dave Taht.
9 November 2018: babeld-1.8.4
* Fixed a bug that discarded pipelined commands received on the local
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