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......@@ -46,16 +46,14 @@ random IPv6 addresses according to RFC 4193, in the ahcpd package.
3. Start the routing daemon
On every node, run Babel, making sure you redistribute the local
Run Babel on every node, specifying the set of interfaces it should consider:
# babel -C 'redistribute local' eth1
# babel eth1
If your node has multiple interfaces which you want to participate in
the Babel network, just list them all:
# babel -C 'redistribute local' eth0 eth1 sit1
# babel eth0 eth1 sit1
4. Setting up an Internet gateway
......@@ -65,22 +63,25 @@ If you have one or more Internet gateways on your mesh network, you
will want to set them up so that they redistribute the default route.
You will want to say something like
# babel -C 'redistribute local' -C 'redistribute metric 128' eth1
# babel -C 'redistribute metric 128' eth1
You may also be more selective in the routes you redistribute, for
instance by specifying the interface over which the route goes out:
# babel -C 'redistribute local' -C 'redistribute if eth0 metric 128' \
# babel -C 'redistribute if eth0 metric 128' eth1
or by constraining the prefix length:
# babel -C 'redistribute local' \
-C 'redistribute ip ::/0 eq 128 metric 128' \
-C 'redistribute ip eq 32 metric 128' \
# babel -C 'redistribute ip ::/0 le 64 metric 128' \
-C 'redistribute ip le 28 metric 128' \
You may also want to constrain which local routes (routes to local
interface addresses) you advertise:
# babel -C 'redistribute local if eth1' -C 'redistribute local deny' \
-C 'redistribute metric 128' \
If you find all of this too complicated and error-prone (as I do), you
may want to consider autoconfiguring your routing domain using AHCP:
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