Commit 3de956d3 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

http.manage: Ask passphrase twice during --export-ca.

parent c2aa954a
......@@ -1142,9 +1142,16 @@ def manage(argv=None, stdout=sys.stdout):
if args.export_ca is not None:
encryption_algorithm = serialization.BestAvailableEncryption(
getBytePass('CA export passphrase: ')
while True:
passphrase = getBytePass(
'CA export passphrase: ',
if getBytePass(
' (again): ',
) == passphrase:
print('Error: Input does not match, retrying')
encryption_algorithm = serialization.BestAvailableEncryption(passphrase)
with open(args.export_ca, 'wb') as export_ca_file:
write = export_ca_file.write
for key_pair in SQLite3Storage(
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