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Corrections with real usage.
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......@@ -147,8 +147,8 @@ Create there caucased, user and service directories::
Before we begin, lets create two environment variables, which will ease the understanding of which side is used::
CAU=bin/caucase --ca-url --ca-crt user/ca-crt.pem --user-ca-crt user/user-ca-crt.pem --crl user/crl --user-crl user/user-crl
CAU='bin/caucase --ca-url --ca-crt user/service-ca-crt.pem --crl user/service.crl --user-ca-crt user/user-ca-crt.pem --user-crl user/user.crl'
CAS='bin/caucase --ca-url --ca-crt service/service-ca-crt.pem --crl service/service.crl --user-ca-crt service/user-ca-crt.pem --user-crl service/user.crl'
``CAU`` is going to be used to execute Certificate Authority for Users, and ``CAS`` for Certificate Authority for SErvices. As server is going to be just running, there is no need for special environment variable.
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ You'll need key for yourself so lets create it::
And now sign it::
$CAU --mode user --send-csr user/client.csr
$CAU --mode user --send-csr user/client.csr.pem
It will return its id and path, so fetch it with the id::
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ You'll see::
As they say, you shall fetch the CSR and check the full content::
$CAU --user-key user/client.key.pem --get-csr <service_id> <service_id>.csr
$CAU --user-key user/client.key.pem --get-csr <service_id> user/service-<service_id>.csr
**Exercise**: Use ``openssl`` to inspect downloaded CSR, you can start with `openssl req -text -noout <service_id>.csr`.
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