Commit 2b72cc71 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Adjust cypclass pointers before identity check with 'is' or 'is not'

parent 260c107b
......@@ -13276,11 +13276,23 @@ class PrimaryCmpNode(ExprNode, CmpNode):
operator = "__contains__"
entry = env.lookup_operator(operator, [self.operand1, self.operand2])
if entry is None:
if self.operator in ("is", "is_not")\
and (type1.is_ptr or type1.is_cyp_class)\
and (type2.is_ptr or type2.is_cyp_class):
self.type = PyrexTypes.c_bint_type
if self.operator in ("is", "is_not"):
if type1.is_cyp_class and type2.is_cyp_class:
common_type = PyrexTypes.independent_spanning_type(type1, type2)
if common_type.is_error:
common_type = PyrexTypes.cy_object_type
if type1.is_const_cyp_class or type2.is_const_cyp_class:
if not common_type.is_const_cyp_class:
common_type = PyrexTypes.cyp_class_const_type(common_type)
# do not analyse the TypecastNode
# to ensure a simple pointer cast is used and not a user-defined conversion method
self.operand1 = TypecastNode(self.operand1.pos, operand=self.operand1, type=common_type)
self.operand2 = TypecastNode(self.operand2.pos, operand=self.operand2, type=common_type)
self.type = PyrexTypes.c_bint_type
elif (type1.is_ptr or type1.is_cyp_class) and (type2.is_ptr or type2.is_cyp_class):
self.type = PyrexTypes.c_bint_type
error(self.pos, "Invalid types for '%s' (%s, %s)" %
(self.operator, type1, type2))
self.type = PyrexTypes.error_type
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