Commit 6f01e977 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Cache const or volatile scopes to avoid duplicated entries

parent a192940f
......@@ -1837,14 +1837,22 @@ class CConstOrVolatileType(BaseType):
subtypes = ['cv_base_type']
is_cv_qualified = 1
cached_scopes = {}
def __init__(self, base_type, is_const=0, is_volatile=0):
self.cv_base_type = base_type
self.is_const = is_const
self.is_volatile = is_volatile
if base_type.has_attributes and base_type.scope is not None:
from .Symtab import CConstOrVolatileScope
self.scope = CConstOrVolatileScope(base_type.scope, is_const, is_volatile)
key = base_type.resolve()
self.scope = self.cached_scopes[key]
except KeyError:
# caching the scopes avoids duplicating entries for each scope
# which can lead to duplicate entries being considered for overlad resolution
# resulting in bogus ambiguous calls even when there is a single definition
from .Symtab import CConstOrVolatileScope
self.scope = self.cached_scopes[key] = CConstOrVolatileScope(base_type.scope, is_const, is_volatile)
def cv_string(self):
cvstring = ""
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