Commit da3b60f3 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Remove invalid incref on locked cypclass subscripts

parent 7df719ae
...@@ -14159,7 +14159,11 @@ class CoerceToLockedTempNode(CoerceToTempNode): ...@@ -14159,7 +14159,11 @@ class CoerceToLockedTempNode(CoerceToTempNode):
def __init__(self, arg, env=None, rlock_only=False): def __init__(self, arg, env=None, rlock_only=False):
self.rlock_only = rlock_only self.rlock_only = rlock_only
if isinstance(arg, CoerceToTempNode): if isinstance(arg, IndexNode):
# reuse reference count management logic
self.use_managed_ref = arg.coerce_to_temp(env).use_managed_ref
elif isinstance(arg, CoerceToTempNode):
self.use_managed_ref = arg.use_managed_ref
arg = arg.arg arg = arg.arg
super(CoerceToLockedTempNode, self).__init__(arg, env) super(CoerceToLockedTempNode, self).__init__(arg, env)
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