Commit ec87d624 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Fix cast code generation for const cypclass types

parent 6cc0fd71
...@@ -4711,6 +4711,12 @@ class ConstCypclassType(BaseType): ...@@ -4711,6 +4711,12 @@ class ConstCypclassType(BaseType):
self._empty_declaration = "const %s" % self.const_base_type.empty_declaration_code() self._empty_declaration = "const %s" % self.const_base_type.empty_declaration_code()
return self._empty_declaration return self._empty_declaration
def cast_code(self, expr_code):
return "((%s)%s)" % (self.declaration_code(''), expr_code)
def dynamic_cast_code(self, expr_code):
return "dynamic_cast<%s>(%s)" % (self.declaration_code(''), expr_code)
def resolve(self): def resolve(self):
base_type = self.const_base_type.resolve() base_type = self.const_base_type.resolve()
if base_type == self.const_base_type: if base_type == self.const_base_type:
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