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    Fix fix unicode normalisation test in Windows. (GH-3194) · e2dcfb58
    Stefan Behnel authored
    * Rewrite the test code generation for the unicode normalisation test, making sure that we always write UTF-8 source files.
    * Fix failures to print the compilation status for modules with non-ascii names (on Windows).
    * Help with remote debugging environment encoding problems in test runs, by extending the output of the "buildenv" pseudo-test.
    * Explicitly set I/O encoding for subprocesses in parallel cythonize() runs to make the test runner workers inherit it (instead of defaulting to ASCII in Py2).
    * Use a Latin-1 Unicode character in the test for Unicode module names to make it more compatible with Windows file system character sets (such as CP-1252).
    * Properly decode source and module file name from the FS encoding in Py2. Previously, with ASCII module names, UTF-8 decoding always worked, but wasn't correct.
    * Hack around a distutils 3.[5678] bug on Windows for unicode module names.
    * Try to fix cython.inline() on Windows with Py3.8+ where the DLL loading requires an explicit registration of the extension output directory.
    Closes GH-3450.
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