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    Enable pypy as a required Travis test (GH-3392) · 92625467
    da-woods authored
    Reasoning being that this make it easier to catch pypy3
    regressions as they happen.
    * Fixed some very simple pypy3 failures (largely to do with
      different exception strings)
    * Splits pypy3_bugs.txt into three files
      - one for bugs that cause hard crashes (which we don't want to
        run in Travis at all);
      - one for bugs that are probably unfixable because they're just
        due to implementation details (e.g. when destructors are
      - all other bugs remain in pypy3_bugs.txt
      (The categorization has been done fairly quickly, so some bugs
      may be in the wrong place)
    * Made sure (hopefully) all bugs are now categorized, so a basic
      runtests.py with pypy3 should hopefully pass
    * Changed pypy3 to be required in Travis
    * Added an extra (optional) test that runs through pypy3_bugs.txt.
      The majority of this is expected to fail. This requires an
      extra option to runtest.py "--listfile", which just runs through
      the tests listed in the file.
    I haven't made pypy2 a required test in this commit - since Python2 support is deprecated soon, there seemed limited value in putting much effort into pypy2.
    Added faulthandler to runtests in the hope of being able to pin-down segmentation faults better on Travis
    FileListExcluder matches regexes, not just name. Uses the same mechanism as is used for processing string passed on commandline
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