Commit 30f17717 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Add unit test for 'active' aliasing errors

parent 13ee9bf1
# mode: error
# tag: cpp, cpp11, pthread
# cython: experimental_cpp_class_def=True, language_level=2
cdef cypclass A activable:
void f(self, A other):
void f_iso(self, iso A other):
void f_locked(self, locked A other):
void f_active(self, active A other):
def test_aliasing():
cdef active A active_a
cdef iso A iso_a
iso_a = active_a
cdef locked A locked_a
locked_a = active_a
cdef A ref_a
ref_a = active_a
def test_calling():
a = activate(consume A())
a.f(NULL, A())
a.f(NULL, consume A())
cdef iso A iso_a
a.f_iso(NULL, consume iso_a)
cdef locked A locked_a
a.f_locked(NULL, locked_a)
cdef active A active_a
a.f_active(NULL, active_a)
_ERRORS = u'''
23:12: Cannot assign type 'active A' to 'iso A'
26:15: Cannot assign type 'active A' to 'locked A'
29:12: Cannot assign type 'active A' to 'A'
34:15: Cannot assign type 'A' to 'iso-> A'
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