Commit 8cfda3ec authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Ensure cypclass results of subscript always end up decref-ed

parent 85049a1a
......@@ -3771,7 +3771,14 @@ class IndexNode(_IndexingBaseNode):
return py_object_type
def analyse_types(self, env):
return self.analyse_base_and_index_types(env, getting=True)
index_node = self.analyse_base_and_index_types(env, getting=True)
if index_node.type.is_cyp_class:
# If a[b] is a cypclass, a new reference is returned.
# In that case it must be stored for later decref-ing.
# XXX: future optimisation: only coerce to temporary
# when the value is not already assigned to a variable.
return index_node.coerce_to_temp(env)
return index_node
def analyse_target_types(self, env):
node = self.analyse_base_and_index_types(env, setting=True)
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