Unverified Commit 9995c70c authored by Frank Schlimbach's avatar Frank Schlimbach Committed by GitHub

Fixing declaration of inner OpenMP privates (GH-3348)

* omp declare privates on outer loop, since inner loops are not 'omp parallel for'ified
parent 738bccf7
......@@ -9456,12 +9456,15 @@ class ParallelRangeNode(ParallelStatNode):
code.putln("%(target)s = (%(target_type)s)(%(start)s + %(step)s * %(i)s);" % fmt_dict)
self.initialize_privates_to_nan(code, exclude=self.target.entry)
if self.is_parallel:
if self.is_parallel and not self.is_nested_prange:
# nested pranges are not omp'ified, temps go to outer loops
self.trap_parallel_exit(code, should_flush=True)
if self.is_parallel and not self.is_nested_prange:
# nested pranges are not omp'ified, temps go to outer loops
if self.breaking_label_used:
# Put a guard around the loop body in case return, break or
......@@ -378,11 +378,7 @@ def test_prange_continue():
def test_nested_break_continue():
DISABLED. For some reason this fails intermittently on jenkins, with
the first line of output being '0 0 0 0'. The generated code looks
awfully correct though... needs investigation
>> test_nested_break_continue()
>>> test_nested_break_continue()
6 7 6 7
......@@ -770,3 +766,53 @@ def test_prange_in_with(int x, ctx):
with gil:
l[0] += i
return l[0]
cdef extern from *:
#ifdef _OPENMP
#define _get_addr(_x, _idx) &_x
#define _get_addr(_x, _idx) (&_x+_idx)
#define address_of_temp(store, temp, idx) store = _get_addr(temp, idx)
#define address_of_temp2(store, ignore, temp, idx) store = _get_addr(temp, idx)
double get_value() {
return 1.0;
void address_of_temp(...) nogil
void address_of_temp2(...) nogil
double get_value() nogil except -1.0 # will generate a temp for exception checking
def test_inner_private():
Determines if a temp variable is private by taking its address in multiple threads
and seeing if they're the same (thread private variables should have different
>>> test_inner_private()
cdef double* not_parallel[2]
cdef double* inner_vals[2]
cdef double* outer_vals[2]
cdef Py_ssize_t n, m
for n in range(2):
address_of_temp(not_parallel[n], get_value(), 0)
assert not_parallel[0] == not_parallel[1], "Addresses should be the same since they come from the same temp"
for n in prange(2, num_threads=2, schedule='static', chunksize=1, nogil=True):
address_of_temp(outer_vals[n], get_value(), n)
for m in prange(1):
# second temp just ensures different numbering
address_of_temp2(inner_vals[n], get_value(), get_value(), n)
inner_are_the_same = inner_vals[0] == inner_vals[1]
outer_are_the_same = outer_vals[0] == outer_vals[1]
assert outer_are_the_same == False, "Temporary variables in outer loop should be private"
assert inner_are_the_same == False, "Temporary variables in inner loop should be private"
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