Commit a66ffc46 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Refactor handling of new references

parent 8cfda3ec
......@@ -737,6 +737,11 @@ class ExprNode(Node):
# a subnode.
return self.is_temp
def result_is_new_reference(self):
# Return true if the result is a new reference that is
# already incref-ed and will need to be decref-ed later.
return self.result_in_temp()
def target_code(self):
# Return code fragment for use as LHS of a C assignment.
return self.calculate_result_code()
......@@ -786,7 +791,7 @@ class ExprNode(Node):
Make sure we own a reference to result.
If the result is in a temp, it is already a new reference.
if not self.result_in_temp():
if not self.result_is_new_reference():
# FIXME: is this verification really necessary ?
if self.type.is_cyp_class and "NULL" in self.result():
......@@ -798,7 +803,7 @@ class ExprNode(Node):
Make sure we own the reference to this memoryview slice.
# TODO ideally this would be shared with "make_owned_reference"
if not self.result_in_temp():
if not self.result_is_new_reference():
code.put_incref_memoryviewslice(self.result(), self.type,
have_gil=not self.in_nogil_context)
......@@ -4247,13 +4252,13 @@ class IndexNode(_IndexingBaseNode):
temp.use_managed_ref = False
return temp
def make_owned_reference(self, code):
def result_is_new_reference(self):
if self.type.is_cyp_class and not (self.base.type.is_array or self.base.type.is_ptr):
# This is already a new reference
# either via cpp operator[]
# or via cypclass __getitem__
ExprNode.make_owned_reference(self, code)
return True
return ExprNode.result_is_new_reference(self)
gil_message = "Indexing Python object"
......@@ -8035,7 +8040,7 @@ class SequenceNode(ExprNode):
for i in range(arg_count):
arg = self.args[i]
if c_mult or not arg.result_in_temp():
if c_mult or not arg.result_is_new_reference():
code.put_incref(arg.result(), arg.ctype())
code.putln("%s(%s, %s, %s);" % (
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