Commit dcf402e0 authored by gsamain's avatar gsamain Committed by Xavier Thompson

Amend cpp test

parent ef804492
# distutils: language = c++
#cdef class biniou:
# cdef int a
#cdef void genial(biniou arg):
# o = arg.a
# return
#cdef extern from "unistd.h" nogil:
# unsigned int sleep(unsigned int seconds)
cdef extern from "unistd.h" nogil:
unsigned int sleep(unsigned int seconds)
cdef cypclass Rectangle:
cdef cppclass Rectangle nogil:
int a
void test():
this.a += 3
void test(int a):
this.a += a
void Rectangle(int a):
this.a = a
void Rectangle():
this.a = 3
Rectangle __iadd__(Rectangle other) nogil:
# sleep(3)
this.a = 5
cdef cypclass Rectangle_wrapper(Rectangle):
Rectangle_wrapper __iadd__(Rectangle_wrapper other):
return this
Rectangle __le__(Rectangle other) nogil:
Rectangle_wrapper __le__(Rectangle_wrapper other):
return other
# void __dealloc__():
# sleep(5)
cdef cypclass Carre(Rectangle):
cdef cypclass Carre(Rectangle_wrapper):
int b
void __dealloc__():
void __init__(int a):
cdef Rectangle retour() nogil:
cdef Rectangle o = Rectangle(12)
# o = Rectangle(12)
return o
void test():
this.a += 5
cdef cypclass Truc(Rectangle_wrapper):
Carre c
void __init__(int a=1):
# Rectangle.__init__() is always called
this.c = Carre(a)
void __dealloc__():
del this.c
cdef void mange(Rectangle o) nogil:
cdef int a = o.a
cdef cppclass SomeMemory(Truc) nogil:
int d
cdef int tipo() nogil:
#cdef Rectangle c
cdef Rectangle o = Rectangle(32)
#o = Rectangle(32)
c = o
c = Rectangle(3)
c += o
return c.a
cdef Carre c = Carre(32)
cdef Truc truc = Truc()
truc += c
return truc.c.a
def toto():
#cdef void Rectangle::test() nogil:
# this.a += 3
#cdef void Rectangle::test(int a) nogil:
# this.a += a
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