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    testUpgradeInstanceWithOldDataFs: rebuild with more bt · 61b116a8
    Jérome Perrin authored
    Procedure to update was:
    1. edit bin/runUnitTest.real to change connection string to "erp5_test_0@erp5-catalog-0:2099 testuser_0 testpassword0"
    2. in erp5.git repo, checkout at d8961c5195a214ec1257cfea55762360cba06b14
    3. copy new testUpgradeInstanceWithOldDataFs.py in products/ERP5Type/tests
    3. run test with --save, with full indexing activated:
        ./bin/runUnitTest --portal_id=erp5 --enable_full_indexing=portal_types,portal_property_sheets --save testUpgradeInstanceWithOldDataFs
    4. copy files here
    5. rewrite with rewrite_data_fs.py
    6. rewrite the dump to keep compatibility with old mariadb (we might drop this at some point)
        sed -i -e s/utf8mb4/utf8/g dump.sql
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