Commit 0a394578 authored by Aurel's avatar Aurel Committed by Kazuhiko Shiozaki

make generation of reset url configurable through a type base script

parent 84e59af2
......@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@ import time, random
from hashlib import md5 as md5_new
from DateTime import DateTime
from Products.ERP5Type.Message import translateString
from Acquisition import aq_base
from Products.ERP5Type.Globals import PersistentMapping
from urllib import urlencode
......@@ -90,19 +89,26 @@ class PasswordTool(BaseTool):
return key
security.declareProtected('Manage users', 'getResetPasswordUrl')
def getResetPasswordUrl(self, user_login=None, key=None, site_url):
def getResetPasswordUrl(self, user_login=None, key=None, site_url=None):
if user_login is not None:
# XXX Backward compatibility
key = self.getResetPasswordKey(user_login)
parameter = urlencode(dict(reset_key=reset_key,
url = "%s/portal_password/%s?%s" % (
parameter = urlencode(dict(reset_key=key))
method = self._getTypeBasedMethod("getSiteUrl")
if method is not None:
base_url = method()
base_url = "%s/portal_password/PasswordTool_viewResetPassword" % (
url = "%s?%s" %(base_url, parameter)
return url
security.declareProtected('Manage users', 'getResetPasswordUrl')
def getExpirationDateForKey(self, key=None):
return self._password_request_dict[key][1]
def mailPasswordResetRequest(self, user_login=None, REQUEST=None,
notification_message=None, sender=None,
......@@ -160,7 +166,7 @@ class PasswordTool(BaseTool):
# send mail
message_dict = {'instance_name':self.getPortalObject().getTitle(),
'expiration_date':self.getExpirationDateForKey(key).strftime('%Y/%m/%d %H:%M')}
if notification_message is None:
subject = translateString("[${instance_name}] Reset of your password",
  • @aurel I was checking this and I happened to notice this line (107). I wondered if it was meant to be:

    security.declareProtected('Manage users', 'getExpirationDateForKey')

    since for getResetPasswordUrl accessor it is already defined.

    Edited by Georgios Dagkakis
  • It is typical 'copy&paste' mistake but anyway I believe it can be a private method like _getExpirationDateForKey().

  • mentioned in merge request !103 (merged)

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