Commit 1b1dbf60 authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

tests: also consider python unittest failures in functional tests

It can happen that a test running selenium fail in python, but not in selenium,
like for example test_result_module/20210615-CDADEC14/183
To prevent such tests from being reported as PASS, we make the total number of
failures being the sum of the python unittest failures and the selenium failures.
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......@@ -133,20 +133,21 @@ class ERP5(_ERP5):
def _updateFunctionalTestResponse(self, status_dict):
""" Convert the Unit Test output into more accurate information
related to funcional test run.
related to functional test run.
# Parse relevant information to update response information
summary, html_test_result = status_dict['stderr'].split("-"*79)[1:3]
except ValueError:
# In case of error when parse the file, preserve the original
# informations. This prevents we have unfinished tests.
# information. This prevents we have unfinished tests.
return status_dict
status_dict['html_test_result'] = html_test_result
search =
if search:
group_dict = search.groupdict()
status_dict['failure_count'] = int(group_dict['failures'])
status_dict['failure_count'] = int(group_dict['failures']) \
+ int(status_dict.get('failure_count', 0))
status_dict['test_count'] = int(group_dict['total'])
status_dict['skip_count'] = int(group_dict['expected_failure'])
return status_dict
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