Commit 486c5025 authored by Nicolas Wavrant's avatar Nicolas Wavrant

erp5_hal_json_style: sorting listboxes should behave the same in both interfaces

Also, this prevents logging the same information on every listbox load.
parent 3978dba1
......@@ -1712,15 +1712,16 @@ def calculateHateoas(is_portal=None, is_site_root=None, traversed_document=None,
"""Turn JSON serialized array into a tuple (col_name, order)."""
sort_col, sort_order = json.loads(raw_string)
sort_col, sort_order = byteify(sort_col), byteify(sort_order)
# JIO keeps sort order as whole word 'ascending' resp. 'descending'
if sort_order.lower().startswith("asc"):
sort_order = "ASC"
elif sort_order.lower().startswith("desc"):
# The sort_order value comes from the listbox's definition. But for historical reason,
# it often contains values like "Type | Type", instead of "Type | ASC".
# In reality, "Type | Type" will be interpreted as "Type | ASC", because of the
# catalog implementation :
# For consistency reasons, the code here should mirror this behavior
if sort_order.lower() in ('desc', 'descending', 'reverse'):
sort_order = "DESC"
# should raise a ValueError instead
log('Wrong sort order "{}" in {}! It must start with "asc" or "desc"'.format(sort_order, form_relative_url),
level=200) # error
sort_order = "ASC"
return (sort_col, sort_order)
if isinstance(sort_on, list):
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